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Your Privacy

You’re on the internet so you should have no real expectation of privacy. Having mentioned that, I do not collect any information regarding your visit to this website. That seems like effort and I’m too lazy for that. I cannot guarantee your privacy.


Comments on this website are disabled because spammers suck and I have no desire to put forth the effort to police and remove such comments. When I post an article such as a show review or some random bullshit, I will typically post the link to that article on both Facebook and Twitter and embed the direct link to those posts at the end of the article so that those who want to interact may do so. You all know that Facebook and Twitter doesn’t give a shit about your privacy and will probably track you.


This website is built on WordPress so it’s highly probable that it uses cookies for one reason or another. I have no control over that. Note that I pay no attention to these cookies and assume they’re there to help the website function properly.

Embedded content from other websites

I embed the on demand links to past radio broadcasts which are hosted on Mixcloud. I don’t know if they use cookies or any kind of trackers. I also embed the occasional YouTube video in posts as well. Same thing applies as with Mixcloud.

Who I share your data with

No one.