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About Me

Husband: I’ve been married to Laura since 1994. Why she continues to put up with me is beyond my ability to reason but we love each other so there’s that.

Father: My son Ian was born a couple years after we got married. I never knew how fun it was to argue with myself until my mini-me was old enough to start talking.

Musician: I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. I blame both parents for that. I started learning my first instrument in 1982 when I joined the middle school band and was pushed into playing trombone. While I hated that thing with a passion, it did give me a good sense of bass, which would come in handy later in life. In 1986, I switched from that to drums, eventually drumming in several different bands. In 2001, Laura bought me my first bass guitar for Christmas and the rest is history. I’m currently the bassist for the Evansville, IN country band Hillbilly Deluxe.

Podcaster: Big Al’s Rockin’ Podcast premiered in October of 2023. I’ve also been one of the three co-hosts (and editor and producer) of Ages of Rock Podcast since October 2015.

Radio DJ: I got my first shot at being an internet radio personality when I launched Hair’s to the 80s in 1998 as a founding broadcaster at the original Live 365. After that station ran its course, I found myself at home at a few different internet stations over the years before taking a 5 year hiatus from the air chair. I started getting the itch to get back into radio but I didn’t want to be “typecast” into any specific genre so along with two other friends, launched A2Z Radio in late 2020.

Sound Engineer: In 2015, a friend and I partnered together to for AVL Event Services. We run sound systems for bands, corporate, and private events. We DJ weddings and other assorted gatherings.

IT Professional: I got my start in IT courtesy of Uncle Sam during my time in the USAF. Since my departure from military service, I’ve been the “IT guy” for a local library system since July 1997. Best job ever.

All Around Nice Guy: You have to try REALLY hard to make me not be a nice guy. I’m too old to let petty shit get under my skin. I’ll just cut you out of my life if you’re that way. Otherwise, I’m pretty fun to be around and I’m king of the dreaded dad jokes.