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Category: Podcast

Podcast Episode 002 Now on YouTube

Here’s my interview with Jennifer Benson of Ignescent.

Jennifer Benson from the band Ignescent discusses their new album ‘Fight In Me’ inspired by personal struggles. The album features collaborations with artists like Josiah Prince and Kevin Young. The artwork for the album cover reflects the personal experiences of the lead singer. The album includes songs like ‘Carries Me’ and ‘Under Attack’ with themes of hope and resilience. Ignescent plans to perform at music festivals like Life Fest and City on Hill Festival. Influences include bands like Skillet and Flyleaf. The Chicago music scene is vibrant with venues like The Forge and Cubby Bear. Regional music activity includes performances in Madison, Milwaukee, and Indiana. Fans can find Ignescent on Spotify, social media platforms, and their official website for tour dates and merchandise.

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The Podcast Is Now On YouTube

I had several requests to add my podcast to YouTube so here’s the debut episode with Jean Beauvoir. (Note that the first few episodes will be audio only since I hadn’t planned on doing video.)

The debut episode of Big Al’s Rockin’ Podcast features a discussion with Jean Beauvoir about his 2022 book ‘Bet My Soul on Rock and Roll, The Diary of a Black Punk Icon’. They talk about the process of writing the book, challenges faced, and the legacy he wants to leave. Jean shares insights on working with artists like Paul Stanley, the Ramones, and Steven Van Zant. He also discusses the importance of persistence and consistency in pursuing a music career in today’s climate. The conversation touches on collaborations with Paul Stanley, recording a single for a KISS tribute project, and his involvement in KISS albums like ‘Animalize’ and ‘Asylum’. Jean reflects on missed opportunities and the importance of following your instincts in the music industry.

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EP004: Kenny Wilkerson of Nova Rex

Kenny Wilkerson is the bassist for Nova Rex, a kick ass rock band that formed in the mid 80s. In this episode we discuss the band’s new documentary AIN’T EASY STAYING CHEESY, the follow up to the first documentary AIN’T EASY BEING CHEESY. We also discuss Kenny’s cookbook ROCKIN’ RECIPES FOR AUTISM, which is an excellent collection of recipes from rockers and others in the music industry. As a bonus, Kenny gives me his unsolicited thoughts on artificial intelligence and musicians turning themselves into avatars. Visit for more information about the band.

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