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Month: December 2023

Happy Holidays – See You Next Year

Happy Holidays Vectors by Vecteezy

Thank you to everyone who listened to my radio shows, podcasts, and playlists. 2023 was a pretty good year. I’m going to take the remaining two weeks off and use the down time as an opportunity to figure out what direction I want to go with the podcast. If you have any suggestions, please send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Holidays to you and I hope 2024 is your best year yet.

EP004: Kenny Wilkerson of Nova Rex

Kenny Wilkerson is the bassist for Nova Rex, a kick ass rock band that formed in the mid 80s. In this episode we discuss the band’s new documentary AIN’T EASY STAYING CHEESY, the follow up to the first documentary AIN’T EASY BEING CHEESY. We also discuss Kenny’s cookbook ROCKIN’ RECIPES FOR AUTISM, which is an excellent collection of recipes from rockers and others in the music industry. As a bonus, Kenny gives me his unsolicited thoughts on artificial intelligence and musicians turning themselves into avatars. Visit for more information about the band.

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